Revival of agriculture based livelihood of farmers by scientific and technology method without gender discrimination and promte cattle rearing and plantation.

Some of the objectives on the priority list of JNK, which have been high on the priority list right from its inception, are:-

  • To help blind, old and dependable persons..
  • To establish centres for immunization, first aid and common health check-up.
  •  To form groups of men, women, farmers and artisans and arrange credit facility for them in the form of loan, grant or revolving fund.
  • To find out and promote talented youths involved in cultural activities in development perspective.
  • To provide employment opportunities through the stitching, embroidery and appliqué work mainly among the rural women.
  • To do relief work during flood, fire, epidemic, drought etc.
  • To promote cultural activities and preserve the culture and tradition of the society.
  •  To provide equal opportunities for poor men, women and unemployed youth for gainful employment.
  • To develop infrastructure facilities like water logged drainage, sanitation, road and safe drinking water and low cost house in the village.
  • To raise the level of the education in rural areas by running Non-Formal Education and Adult Education Centres.
  • To motivate people to work for solving water logged problems.
  • To develop self-help groups and their networking.
  • To conduct sound and feasible welfare and development programmes at remote, far-flung humanity, to join the mission to ensure India as developed nation.
  • To work for the eradication of illiteracy and provide quality education to all.
  •  To prevent, detect, address and resolve health problems and implement cost effective and efficient health care delivery system.
  • To create awareness about the importance of environment and its preservation for good health.
  • To encourage and create awareness among local people preserving their cultural and traditional heritage.
  •  To create better tomorrows for all in our Society.